Meera Weds Nehal Indian Wedding Tampa

Meera & Nehal

Bride & Groom Against Gold Sequin Teal Lush Backdrop

Meera and Nehal, both coming from orthodox "Patel" Gujarati families, met in 2014 as Nehal put on his midwestern charm from Kansas on Meera, a local native of Tampa. And the rest is history!

Meera chose the Palmetto Club located in Riverview, Fl as her venue of choice due to the proximity to her dad's home and the serenity and charm this hidden gem offers.   When Meera hired us, she knew exactly knew what she wanted, which is quite rare these days. She chose our crystal filled Palazzo Mandap, which has over 1000 crystal pendants in conjunction with our criss-cross satin backdrop.

Her main concern was the reception, the color scheme she selected was teal and gold with a contemporary oversized frame as her backdrop.  As for the design, she trusted our vision and layout plans, which ultimately was a good bet on her part.  The fantastic pictures from Sonu exemplifies our work.

Standing in the mandap

Meera and Nehal Pronounced Husband and Wife


Take a look at the well crafted video by Riant Films



After the reception, it would be unfair to say Meera was filled with just ebullience as if Dorothy made it back to Kansas. In our story, Meera did make it back to Kansas, her new home.

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