Outdoor Indian Weddings Florida

Every year we are approached by a good number of brides who want that picturesque landscape behind their wedding ceremony.  They are inspired by beautiful pictures that float around on the internet with the help of social media and Adobe.  Most commonly, these neophytes desire a ceremony overlooking water, which is usually the ocean. We call these beach weddings.  Some get their wish, and some are at the mercy of mother nature.

June through October spells disaster for outdoor weddings in Florida.  Why?  These months typically are very sporadic when it comes to rainfall.  Even with a 30% chance of rain, one's event location could be that 30%, and the 70% a mile away could be dry as the Mohave.   If you are one of the obdurate brides that still contend that 70% is on your side, then just be flexible.  That 30% could be 50% as soon as you wake up for the big day. Also, brides need to consider wind, humidity and heat.  These are all pitfalls for a bridezilla makeup day.

Who will make the decision?  Usually, the wedding planner, the decorator, the hotel director along with the parents and bride will make a collective decision the night before when it's a morning wedding.    If it's a late afternoon wedding or sunset wedding, the decision can be made 4-5 hours prior to setting up.

There are some plausible work arounds around this conundrum.  For example, one could do wedding photo shoots the day prior or even before or after the ceremony should time permit.  They would just need to leave enough time to do so.   Choose a location that has the outdoor beach along with a ballroom with a window wall for a nice view.    In all cases, you need a backup plan like an indoor ballroom.

Although November through May seem to be the best months to have outdoor weddings, for reasons beyond the scope of article, there will be many who will fall into the other months.  Some of you reading this article may be wondering how often does it rain on the wedding day.  It happens quite often and it has rained on a bride & groom at the midway point of their ceremony.  They kept going but the guests left.



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